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The “Mini” Database – Acknowledgement to Contributors                           Issue date 11th Oct 2002


The photos in the “Mini database” are images kindly contributed by private gardeners, gardeners with web sites, and commercial growers and hybridisers from around the world.

As a token of gratitude we make the following acknowledgement with links to their web sites where appropriate. Pay them a visit and enjoy some of my favourite web sites. 


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Hybridizers and Growers (Ordered by Website/Business Name)

Website:           Dickson Roses  (Rosa) – Newtownards, Newtownards, N. Ireland

Webmaster:      Corrina Dickson

Photos:             Selection of Rosa Cultivars. Supplied by Corrina Dickson.


Website:           La Pivoinerie D'Aoust

Webmaster:      Lindsay D’Aoust, Quebec, Canada

Photos:             Selection of Paeony Lactiflora Cultivars.


Website:           Ringhaddy Daffodils – (Narcissus) Killinchy, N. Ireland

Contributor:      Neil Watson

Photos:             Selection of Narcissus Cultivars. Taken at the Nursery by George Kelly


Website:           Roseking Gardens

Webmaster:-     Bryan (Veldfire) Epstein, Florida, YSA

Photos:             Selection of Rosa Cultivars


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Nurseries (Ordered by Website/Business Name)

Website:           Ballyrobert Cottage Garden and Nursery Ballyclare, N Ireland

Proprieter:        Joy Parkinson

Photos:             Taken at the Nursery by George Kelly


Website:           Cameron Landscapes and Ballylesson Garden Centre Ballylesson Rd, Belfast, N. Ireland

Proprieter:        Heather Cameron

Photos:             Taken at the Garden Centre by George Kelly


Website:           Timpany Nurseries and Garden Centre Ballynahinch- N. Ireland

Proprieter:        Susan Tindall

Photos:             Taken at the Nursery by George Kelly


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Plant Society Members

Website:           Rose Society of Northen Ireland

Webmaster:      Norman Beck, Newtownards, N Ireland

Photos:             “The Rocks”  and “Rose Judging” at Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, Belfast


Knox Gass, Kings Rd, Belfast, N Ireland

Prominent member of the Irish Garden Plant Society.

Garden open by appointment in aid of the The National Trust – Ulster Gardens Scheme

Photos: Taken by George Kelly


Harold McBride, Lisburn, N Ireland

Prominent member of Alpine Garden Society

Photos: Taken by George Kelly


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Public Bodies (Ordered by Website Name)

Website:           Belfast Parks

Contributor:-     Eugene Trainor

Photos:             Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum and Betula utilis var. jacquemontii


Website:           Ulster Museum

Contributor-:     Paul Hackney, Keeper of Botany, Dept. of Botany

Photos:             Rhododendron sinogrande at Belfast Botanic Gardens


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Gardeners with great web sites (Ordered by Website Name)

Website:           A Flower Arrangers Garden

Webmaster       Chrissie Harten, Redditch, England

Photos:             Pipthanthus nepalensis

Chrissie is also the Webmaster of this site:-

Bromsgrove & District Flower Arranging Society website


Website:           Carnivorous Plants –Not your typical Garden Plant

Webmaster:      Stephen Davis CA, USA

Photos:             Bog garden with Carnivorous plants.


Website:           Green - An Online Garden Column

Webmaster:      Wendy Schmidt, Missouri Master Gardener, USA

Photos:             Galanthus nivalis


Website:           Turning earth – from a small Yorkshire (UK) Garden

Webmaster:      Lisa, Yorkshire, England


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Amateur Gardeners (Ordered by Surname)


The following Amateur Gardeners have kindly contributed photos while they waited patiently for their copies of Version 2 of Ideas Genie!

Bobbi Drown, Washington State, USA

Debby Larson, USA

David Rogers, Huddersfield, England

Phillip Hughes (NZ)

Celso Marcellos de Mello (Brasil)


The following Amateur Gardeners kindly did not put the dogs on me when I asked to take photos of their gardens, and allowed me to use the photos on my web site and on this “Mini database”.

Mr & Mrs Brownlee, Hillsboro, N Ireland

David Gill, Hillsboro, N Ireland

Sean Hall, Hillsboro, N Ireland.

Mr & Mrs Laffin, Dromore, N Ireland

Dan MacCormack, Hillsboro, N Ireland

Mrs McCracken, Dromore, N Ireland

Ian Rolston, Dromore, N Ireland

Ronnie Teague, Hillsboro, N Ireland

Craig Wallace, Newtownards, N Ireland

Gwen Williamson, Dromore, N Ireland


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And of course, last and by no means least, moi!

George Kelly, Dromore, N Ireland

Photos usually taken after (occasionally bypassing) a frantic weeding session during development of Ideas Genie.



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