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Document Reference Lessons/Lesson3                                                   Issue Date 7th April 2003
Lesson 3 objectives: Link a Garden Area Photo to a Garden Area. “Quick Add” a Plant to the database using this program if it does not exist. Link a Plant to a garden area. Identify Plants in the Garden Area Photo by dragging rectangular shapes to set Co-ordinates to their position (Lassoo the plants??).
There are 18 steps in this Lesson.

Lesson Material for Lesson 3
To begin, click
HERE to download the photo used in this Lesson. (Be sure NOT to use the SAVE option. As in Program Update downloads, take the option to either “OPEN” or “Run this program from its current Location”)

By default, the download will create a folder called c:\igdata_sets\myCyberName\igpics\April03-1
Two photos, RIMG0015 and RIMG0017 will be installed in this folder.A folder structure will be created to allow you to SWAP databases.

You can change myCyberName to a name of your choice. ANY name.
You may need to change the drive letter if your computer disk is not c: This works OK.
However, please keep the folder structure identical. (See More Info below)

Have you downloaded the Lesson Material (See above)?? If Yes, Click here to proceed to Step 1


More Info:
This discussion relates to the Data Source pop-up which appears on the Initial screen of each Ideas Genie action program. The Pop-up allows you to close down YOUR database and select another database, termed a “SWAP” database, from CD or other media.
igdata_sets is a folder recognised by Ideas Genie as a “SWAP” source. The next folder name in the path is the Name which will show up in the Data Source pop-up, so if you wish to swap databases with other Ideas Genie users, you may wish to personalise this folder name so your name appears in their Data Source list when you swap CD’s. To function as a Swap Database, the folder MyCyberName must contain two sub folders:
1) igdata
2) igpics
These folders are created for you automatically in the above download.
TIP: If you wish to share Photos with other users, put them in the igpics folder, or sub folders under igpics. This will make life much easier later!
SWAP databases will be covered in another Lesson.

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