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Document Reference: Getting Started                                                  Issue Date 18th April 06

Ideas Genie Pro - Getting Started

1     Installing
Ideas Genie Pro has an auto installer. Insert the Ideas Genie Pro CD into the drive. The system will attempt to start the Auto Installer. Please wait, as this may take up to 30 secs. The Install screen should appear. The Auto Installer will present you with a number of prompt screens during the procedure. Don’t worry, you don’t have ANY decisions to make. Your response is very simple. Click a series of next and finish buttons to install the software. Do NOT change any settings. Please read the End User Licence agreement when presented during installation.

2    Starting Ideas Genie
When installed, the Ideas Genie Pro Icon will appear on your desktop. The icon is a red flower (Rosa ‘City of Belfast’ if you are interested.
Start Ideas Genie Pro by clicking on the Icon. You will get a message advising you that Ideas Genie Pro is not registered. Press OK and continue. (You don’t need to register yet)

3     The Ideas Genie Pro Menu.

The menu now has two modes of display. a) Program selection screen b) Photo.
The modes are selected by means of a group of Radio Buttons.

a) Program selection screen.
Ideas Genie Pro will present this display mode on first start up. The body of the screen displays option buttons for a sub set of Ideas Genie Pro programs. They are a selection of what most users will find to be “frequently used programs”. The idea is that they can be easily and quickly selected for use.

Please note: Ideas Genie Pro is a system, and as such has a number of programs, each with their own function, but all accessing the same database.

If you are running a program and attempt to start another program from the Menu, you will find the option is grey (disabled).
When you close the program, all options on the menu are again enabled (black)

b) Change the Menu mode to “Photo” by clicking on the Radio Button.
In Photo mode all Ideas Genie Pro programs are selected for use from the menu options at the top of the screen.

More info about the Menu displays
You can change the photo if you wish to personalise your installation. In the Photo mode, simply click on the “Get Photo” button and find a photo on your own computer. A photo with a high resolution will absorb memory and may be slow to load. Choose a photo with a medium disk size (say 250 kb) and with sufficiently good resolution to look good.
You will have the option to make the selected photo appear each time you start up.
You can change the photo again at any time.

Get familiar with the GAnnn (e.g. nnn= 014 in GA014) portion of the Program Names. In particular be aware of this:

The programs on the Program Selection Menu are repeated on the Full Menu (under Menu tabs along the top of the screen)
Example. You will find “Slide Show-Garden Photos-GA014” on the Program Selection display mode. You will also find exactly the same program under the “Programs” tab on the main Menu.

The Menu - Description of the Tabs
The System tab.
Programs under this tab are used for System Maintenance functions. (File paths, Backups, configuration, etc) This tab also has an Exit option to allow you to close the Ideas Genie Pro application. Use the Exit button at all times for normal shut down of Ideas Genie Pro.

Edit tab.
Copy and Paste options for use in the Ideas Genie Pro programs with features for downloading photographs from the internet.

Files tab
Support files for the Ideas Genie Pro application. All of these files are user configurable. The purpose of each file is fairly obvious. Follow the Tutorials on your first attempt to use the programs under this pad.

Programs tab.
Action programs.

Catalogs tag
Use programs under this tab to explore Catalogs available from Nurseries.
The program has its own inbuilt Shopping Cart style features. You will be able to view photos of plants available from the Nursery who supplied the Catalog, click a button to visit the supplier web page and buy on-line, or build up a list of plants and print a hard copy for mailing your purchase order to the Nursery.

Nurseries tab
Programs under this tab are for Nurseries to produce their Catalogs.
If you are a Nursery, please contact for assistance in configuring the files to start creating your catalog.

Reports tab
Self explanatory

Labels tab
Special programs to allow you to print Plant labels.

Translate tab
A set of six programs to allow agents to translate the software text into another language.

Tools tab
Some special programs developed for use at for working with the Master database.
The programs allow some properties to be applied to all plants in a Genus or species in one click.
For advanced users only. Please use with caution. There is an undo button, but if you move to another Genus, the changes are no longer reversible!

The Register tab
Licence agreement details and Programs with links to our website to link to purchase and register the Ideas Genie software.
You may add up to 40 plants to the database before registration is required.

Help tab
Support , Help, Tutorials, About Ideas Genie Pro, and more.

4    Input Programs for Plant Names and Plant data
There are three programs for entering plant names, each with a different “look” at the database.
Its the same database, of course, so what you do with one program can be seen in all programs.
However, its impossible to view every scrap of data in one screen.

In Ideas Genie systems, there are a number of “fixed format” or “core” fields (for the more commonly used information).
Thereafter, the system can be configured to allow the user to record virtually any type of data.

The Plant Data entry program (GA027) is commonly referred to as “the Amateur” program.
This program allows the user to work with the “core” data. Thus, NO configuration is needed.

There are two more advanced Plant Data entry programs.
GA004 is Garden Area related. It is the most commonly used program in the system .
GA022 is a special program for the database builder with special features relating to the entry of plant data.
Both these programs allow configuration to cope with the multitude of combinations of Plant Culture/Plant Property classifications and Plant Care.
The system ships with the most common Culture, Property and Care classifications defined. These can be edited, translated to another language, or deleted. New classifications can be added as needed.

GA027 allows you to find Plants in you database using an A-Z set of buttons.Clicking on B will list all plants beginning with B. You must then search the list for the required plant. Clicking on the ALL button will list all plants in the database. Arrow buttons allow you to quickly skip from A to B to C etc. This is fine for a small database although I have tested it successfully with 8000 plants.
The new and very important feature in this program (GA027) is the ability to enter the full (botanical) name for a plant in one line. Hence, if you have plant labels attached to your plants on purchase, knowledge of the Botanical structure of names is not required.
However, as you type (or paste a plant name) in the Plant Name field the Genus, Species, Sub-species and Cultivar elements of the plant name are derived by Ideas Genie in adjacent fields.
These fields should be observed, as this is a great tutoring system. The beginner will quickly develop an appreciation of the botanical structure of plant names.
This program also allows you to print a plant Fact Sheet, with (optionally) a photo of the plant. You can define a “Main” or “Best” photo as a default and you have the option of selecting another photo before you print.

In GA004 and GA022 a more sophisticated Plant finder allows you locate Plants by Genus name or by Cultivar name. When you find a Genus, all the plants in that one genus are listed.
Common Names are included for completeness but these programs are designed for use with plants with botanical names.
These two programs require Plant Names to be added in the form Genus, Species, Sub-species and Cultivar. Plants with a Common name ONLY can also be entered but this is non preferred.

5    To close the Ideas Genie application at any time:-
If you are using an Ideas Genie Pro program then close it by using Done or Escape buttons as applicable.
You will be returned to the Ideas Genie Pro Menu.
Click on the Exit button on the screen.
You can also click on the Ideas Genie Pro "System" menu pad then click "Exit" on the drop down list or the x button at the top right of the screen.


More about Quitting programs
When running programs, Done, Escape and Quit buttons are always located in the bottom right corner of screens.

A special Ideas Genie Pro feature allows you to rapid exit a program. Ideas Genie Pro screens cascade as you take options during the execution of a program. You can “back out” by clicking Done, Done etc as you back out. In most programs with cascading screens, if you RIGHT CLICK on a Done or Escape button Ideas Genie does this for you.
Another trick is to roll the wheelie mouse over a Done or Escape button. This will take you back to the INITIAL screen of a program
This are very useful features. You seen in in Ideas Genie first!!

6    Preferences
Locate and start the program Preferences - GA198.
Configure your preferences to your liking. (e.g. Metric/ Imperial measurements, Language, Currency, Date Format). This screen is fairly simple.
Remember to Save your settings before quitting the program.

7  HELP topics
Locate and run the program “Help Topics - GA002”.
Read ALL the Topics. They’re actually quite brief.
Pay particular attention to these 4 Topics:-

“Program, screen and report naming Convention”
We have our reasons for what one user described as "cryptic" program names. Read how Screen names and Report names relate to Program Names and how these names help you to refer precisely to any element of the system when seeking support.

“Help Icons and their use”
When you click on this topic the Example button at the bottom of the screen is enabled. Click on it and learn how to use the Help Icon which appears on many screens in the Ideas Genie system.

This step is essential if you wish to learn how to use the inbuilt Ideas Genie Help facility correctly.

“Instruction abbreviations”
A scheme to cut down on Instruction text e.g. HELP > Tutorials below!

Read how to do tutorials. Numerous tutorials are prepared to guide you through the operation of the Ideas Genie Pro system and show you the full features available in the system.

This step is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. PLEASE read it entirely. Repeat if necessary.
Locate and run the program “Tutorials - GA001”

As soon as the program starts, the first and most important tutorial is already selected. It’s on… tutorials!

Simply click on the “Step 3 – Click here” button. Screen GA001S04 appears. Follow the instructions in the edit boxes. It is essential that you understand all the powerful features of this little screen as explained in these items.


Please use the tutorials to learn initially.
Take note of the name of the program which you wish to use.
Suggestion for starting: Use GA027.
Start up the Tutorial program and find the list of tutorials applicable to that program.
The tutorials for each program are arranged sequentially in a recommended order for you to learn the program. Simply do each one in turn.
After you do a tutorial, try and do the exercise again, this time without the aid of the tutorial.

Remember, in the tutorials Program GA001, the top left pane in the screen GA001S01 contains a list of all programs, the top right pane describes the selected program, the bottom left pane contains a list of all the tutorials for the selected program. The bottom right pane describes the selected tutorial.

When you click the button to begin the tutorial a screen appears offering you the option to PRINT the tutorial steps. When you close this screen, the tutorial selection program ends leaving the selected tutorial “primed”. Now watch closely. Ideas Genie will automatically click on the Menu  options to start up the selected program and you click on the tutorial icons in the program to follow the simple instructions.

Print the tutorials to begin with so you have a reference to all the steps in hard copy.

Next step? You are ready to add plants and photos of your own.
If you have PURCHASED Ideas Genie Pro and have a LICENCE Number, then proceed to the page:
“Registering Ideas Genie Pro”. Click here.



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