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Ideas Genie – Interactive Translating, and the Language Set Feature            Issue date 27th October 2004


Advanced Ideas Genie users whose first language is NOT English may be interested in translating Ideas Genie into their preferred language.

The Ideas Genie bi-lingual feature is based on a collection of database files which are distributed as language sets.

A Language set has 2 languages.
The first language in every language set is English.

A number of language sets are available:




More language sets available on request.


Ideas Genie also has an “Interactive Translation Feature”. By default this is disabled.
The following explains how to enable the “Interactive Translation Feature” and how to use it.


Step 1
Make sure you have the correct Language Set for your needs.
If not available for download on the “Ideas Genie on the Web” website, send a request by email.

Step 2

Request a special “Preferences File” from
This is a small file and is easily sent by email.
If you run your Preferences Program - GA198 in its configuration as supplied on CD, you will notice that the “Allow Changes to Help” check box is disabled (Grey).
The replacement “Preferences File” which we will send will enable this checkbox.

You can then run Ideas Genie in 2 modes.
If you Check the “Allow Changes to Help” checkbox you will be able to translate Screen Captions and Help Messages as described in Steps 3 and 4


If you Un-Check the “Allow Changes to Help” checkbox, then the system will run as normal.


Step 3
Changing Captions (“Allow Changes to Help” checkbox must be checked)

The text adjacent to a field is known as a Caption.
The name displayed on a Button is also referred to as a Caption.
Titles or headings over list Boxes and Text Areas are also referred to as Captions.

The task here is to translate the Captions on a screen from English into your preferred language.

We will demonstrate using the Preferences Program GA198.

Start up the Preferences Program System>Preferences-GA198


Hold down the SHIFT key, and Roll the Wheel on your Mouse over any occurrence of a Caption on the screen.  (make sure you keep the shift key depressed while you roll the wheel on your mouse)
Screen GA000S99 appears.
The top Text area in GA000S99 shows the Caption you selected, in English.
Type in a Translation for this text into the Bottom Text area.
If possible, (for best visual appearance) try not to exceed the size of the caption in English.
To save (Submit) your changes, click on the button with the icon showing a hand writing with a Pen (this is the Save Changes” button).

If you do NOT want to save your changes, click on the icon showing a man walking out of the picture. This is the “Escape” button. 

When you return to the screen GA198S01 after saving a translation, try this:
Click the Language Set Radio Button, to change to your language.
The captions change to the translations you typed.

Repeat this exercise for all Captions.

Step 4
Changing Help Messages (“Allow Changes to Help” checkbox must be checked)
 Demonstrate this by running GA027

Start the program Amateur>Plants and Gardens-GA027
In the initial screen GA027S01, Click on the “Plant Specimens” button.
Screen GA027S03 appears.
Click on the Add button.
Screen GA100S23 appears.
Using your mouse, Click and Drag the Help Icon (keep the mouse click button depressed)
The drag symbol appears at the mouse cursor as you drag the mouse over the screen. Drag the symbol over the “Specimen Profile” button.
The cursor changes to a red bullseye (you’ve hit the target!). Release the mouse click button.

The Help Message screen appears.
You will notice that the Help message screen has a change button. This does not appear in normal use.

Notice the Language Set Selector. Click to select English.
Copy this text (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, or click Edit on the menu to Select all, then Copy)
Click the Language Set Selector to select YOUR language.
Paste the English text into the Text area.
Translate the English into YOUR language.

Click on the “Change” button to save your translation.
If you do NOT want to save your changes, click on the “OK” button.

Repeat this for other buttons on the screen (There’s Help associated with the “Specimen Notes” button, the “Batch” button, the “Suggest” buttons etc.

Do this any time you encounter a “Help” icon on a screen.
When you are using the system as normal, be sure to set the “Allow Changes to Help” checkbox un-checked, to avoid accidental overwriting of your Help records.

When all translations are done, you may set the Language Set radio button control to your preferred language.

You can switch between English and your language translation on any screen, at any time, for comparison.



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