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Ideas Genie – More Tutorials (2)                       Issue date 19th Sept 2002


Now we are ready to add plants to our database, identify our beloved garden areas and link photos to garden areas.


Do the following tutorials. Run the option Help > Tutorials  from the Ideas Genie menu.


Note that you can actually add gardeners, garden areas and plants in programs GA004, GA005 and GA022. Common screens are used. To get you used to the system we have spread the tasks so you get an introduction to each of these three data input programs.


Step 1 Selection           Step 2 – Tutorial to select

-----------------------       -----------------------------------------------------------------

Program GA004 (1)        Add a new plant (Genus does not exist)


Now you need somewhere to “Plant”  your new plant.

Rmember, you can ALSO do the following three steps in GA004. Common screens are used.


Step 1 Selection           Step 2 – Tutorial to select

-----------------------       -----------------------------------------------------------------

Program GA005 (8)        Adding a new Gardener profile

Program GA005 (11)      Adding a Garden Division.

Program GA005 (6)        Creating a Garden Area.


Program GA004 (3)        Linking a plant to a Garden Area.


Now you are ready for photos.

Do the next tutorial (GA196 (26) ) if you already have a directory of photographs of your garden.

During the tutorial, drag the Help Icon around the screen and read the items.


Do not delete the paths which are already there. They are needed for our tutorials and point to our sample photo(s) We recommend that you do NOT use these paths for your own photos and documents as any subsequent Ideas Genie Uninstall procedure will delete these directories and their contents


You may create one or many paths to your photos and documents. You may nominate one path to photos as the Main Photo path and one Path to Documents as your Main Document Path. When you run programs where these paths appear in pop-ups, the Main Path will be the default, making photograph and document access quicker. You may of course change the Main settings at any time.

Step 1 Selection           Step 2 – Tutorial to select

-----------------------       -----------------------------------------------------------------

Program GA196 (26)      Define a Path to Photos (Using Folder Finder)      


Program GA005 (7)        Linking a Photo to a Garden Area

Program GA005 (25)      Linking an EXISTING Garden Area plant to a photo.

Program GA005 (16)      Linking an EXISTING plant to a Garden Area and a photo

Program GA005 (15)      Linking a NEW plant to a Garden Area Photo

Program GA005 (49)      Defining co-ordinates for plants in a (Garden Area) Photo.

Program GA201 (14)      Backing up your database files. (Don’t do this if you are evaluating the system. You may wish to Restore the skeleton database again from the backup directory to repeat the second set of tutorials.)


Developer Notes

I prefer to add plants, create Gardeners and Garden Areas and link plants in one program GA004. I think of GA004 as the “Garden Builder”. The process is identical in GA005 and indeed GA015 as the screens are common. GA004 was the very first module. I used this as a standalone Garden Documentation program before Ideas Genie was “conceived”.

With the latest features, you have a number of interface options to allow you to easily find a complete Genus of plants, order the selected Genus by either cultivar name or plant name in addition to the standard “Plants by Garden area”  listings dating back to Version 1 and beyond.


Program GA022 was introduced in Version 2 as a manager for the Plant Data. Identical “Genus find” options to GA004, but no Garden Area listings. The “data platform” screen (GA022S02) is a double click away from the first screen and allows incredibly easy access to the display of all the “data blobs” relevant to the plant e.g. Genus data, Species Data, Plant data, Cultivations notes, Propagation Notes and much more!




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