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Program Updates                                                                       Issue date  8th Feb 2003


Experienced user? Click HERE to proceed to Program Updates.

If you have never downloaded Program Updates before, please read all the information on this page.

You will learn about the screens you will encounter and the options you must select in the process.

 You need an Internet connection to download Program Updates.
You do not need to have a license to access and download Program Updates. They are freely available to Evaluation users and to Purchased Copy users alike.


When you proceed to the Program Updates web page (see link at beginning of this page) you will select a program of your choice for downloading.
The Program Download Web Page will then appear for the selected Program.
You then click on a hyperlink (button with text) to initiate the Download.
All this is very straight forward and other than selecting a program for download, no decisions are required and no “options” decisions are necessary.
There are, however, two screens in the download process in which you are required to select the correct option.
Here’s what to expect, and what to do.

Immediately after you have clicked on the download button you have to take your first important action. The actual screen (a dialog box) you will see is not the same on all computers.

You MAY get a screen that looks like this:

If you get this screen, click on the “Open” button. This will install the program on your computer at the END of the process.


INSTEAD of the above you may get a screen like this:.



If you get this screen, you must change the setting.
Check the radio button to “Run this program from its current location”, then click OK.  This will install the program on your computer at the END of the process.


Simple enough so far.  As the process continues a window will appear showing the size of the file and the progress being made in downloading the file. If you do NOT have a fast broadband connection the download may take a few “long” minutes. Please be patient. If you lose your internet connection, restart the process.

A screen will then appear asking you to confirm that you want to install the program you are downloading. Answer Yes.


Here’s the next screen you will see in the download process.



If you accepted all the defaults when you first installed Ideas Genie then click on the “Next” button.

In some SPECIAL cases users install Ideas Genie in an alternative folder. In this case, the user must click on the “Change” button and find the folder. DO NOT do this unless you are sure.


The last screen you have to look out for is near the end of the process.

It looks like this:



You must click on the “Yes to All” button.

It is only when you press this button that the files on your computer are affected. Pressing a “Cancel” button AT ANY TIME during the download will leave your existing Programs unchanged.


And… that’s it! Now you can click on the Program Downloads link at the top of this page and begin.



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