Introducing Ideas Genie Pro 6

This web page was last edited on 24th December 2018

Read Ideas Genie as:-  Ideas Genie Pro 6 or Bonsai Genie 6


Our biggest upgrade to date.
Ideas Genie and Ideas Genie Pro are now merged into one exciting item.
Have I the latest version? Click Help tab on Menu and start the program About Ideas Genie.
Ideas Genie Pro 6 looks like this screenshot.

Do you have an older version of Ideas Genie -or- Ideas Genie Pro?
Upgrade to Ideas Genie Pro 6.
17.50 GBP as a download

I’d like a CD
If you prefer to install from a CD or would like a CD to follow in the post.
CD Postage and Packing 4.00


Whats new in Ideas Genie Pro 6 and Bonsai Genie 6

  1. Program Name changes
  2. Works on Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows
  3. Core data has been relocated
  4. New Interface
  5. New User Preferences
    Choose a Font and Font size, Choose a Colour
  6. A new graphical presentation of photos
    This is one of the most significant and exciting changes
  7. A special Master Database is now part of the installation (essential files only).
  8. GA604 - Plants & Gardens program. An amalgamation of 5 programs
  9. GA605 - Garden Area Photos program extensively reworked (was GA005)
    More graphical presentation due to introduction of Thumbnails
  10. Videos - using your own
  11. NEW Web Projects program.
    This is an additional Web Page Generation program
  12. Tasks program extensively reworked
  13. Articles program extensively reworked
  14. NEW Open another Database program. Replaces the Switch Databases program in Version 5
  15. NEW Check for Updates program
  16. Language Translation programs enhanced

Program Name Changes
Program have been renamed in version 6, beginning with GA6.
GA004 has been renamed GA604, GA005 has been renamed GA605 etc.

Data has been relocated
The Core data folder (the default data folder) is now installed into the Program Data folder structure on your computer.
To see where data is located in your installation, click the Help tab and use the program About Ideas Genie - GA600
New interface
Three interface options: Classic and Photo interfaces unchanged. Treenode style added.
All screens are now resizable and can be repositioned.
Heres an example:- Screenshot Cascaded

New in User Preferences

  • Option to choose your preferred Font and Font Size and Bold/Normal
  • Additional Interface option - Treenode
  • Option to choose a Colour set

    Language features
  • Option: Choose another language
    See screenshot Choose-another-language
  • Option: I wish to do language translations
    When this is checked (and changes saved) and you view Help text anywhere within the system then a double panel Help screen appears - English on the left and a panel on the right for you to fill with your translated text.
    See screenshot GA000S01-1

A new graphical presentation of photos
Before, you were presented with a bland list of file names when you viewed Plant photos in GA004 and Garden Photos in GA005.
Now, in GA604 and GA605, you see a page of Thumbnails, in addition to the file list (which now behaves like an index).
GA604 Example:-
GA605 example
As before, your original photos are not altered.
Thumbnails are automatically created by Ideas Genie.
By default, they are stored in a folder on your computer but the program provides options so you can save them on any device.
This technique is used in GA604-Plants & Gardens, GA605-Garden Photos and Web Projects-GA642.

A special Master Database is now part of the installation (essential files only)
The Master Database is now installed automatically when you install the Version 6 software as a download or from a CD.
Adding a new plant to your own database is easy.
You type a few characters of the plant name which you wish to add to your own database, the software refers to this Master Database and instantaneously provides a short list of matches from the Master Database of over 36,000 plants.
If your new plant is listed, click a button to add to your own database.
To see this in action, see Screenshot GA100S00-02 and screenshot GA100S00-3

The Master Database we offer on DVD on our website is well over 1GB, much too large for downloading.
Our  solution in IG Pro 6 was to provide an essential files version of the Master Database (smaller download file size) yet having the full list of over 36,000 plant names. It does not contain photos.
Photos ARE available on our Master Database on DVD Choose Option 3 on this page.

GA604 - Plants & Gardens. An amalgamation of 5 programs
The most significant change in this upgrade.
Program GA604-Plants & Gardens not only replaces GA004, it is an amalgamation of the following V5 programs:

  • GA004 - Plants  & Gardens
  • GA022 - Plant Data
  • GA027 - Plants & Gardens
  • GA029 - Specimens
  • GA037 - Database Explorer

The original features of each of those individual programs are included in GA604.
This is made possible using a new feature - Toolbars.
When you click on a plant name, Toolbar GA100S70 appears.
See Screenshot GA100S70-1 for recommendations on how to position this toolbar so as not to obscure your plants listings.

Specimens are a more integral feature in GA604.
Please read this short paragraph on Specimens in the Getting Started document
When you click on a plant name, the list expands to show you the specimens you have linked to that plant AND an option to add a new specimen.
Adding specimens has been simplified to encourage you to use Specimens.
If you click on a specimen line in the list an alternative Toolbar appears.
See Screenshot GA100S69-1 for recommendations on how to position this toolbar so as not to obscure your plants listings.

New pages have been added to the initial screen GA604S01.
See Screenshot GA604S01-4
In addition to the familiar Plants and Gardens tabs, you now have Options, Search, Filter and Sprees

See User Guide-GA604 for full details

GA605 - Garden Area Photos program extensively reworked (was GA005)

  • More graphical presentation due to introduction of Thumbnails
  • Videos
    You can now use your own Videos as “Plant Photos”
  • Better presentation of Web Photos (photos you have found on the internet)
  • Show your collection of photos:
    by Calendar year
    or by Season Years
    or by Season
  • You can now select a Garden Division and show all photos for that Garden Division
  • You have an All checkbox to allow you to show ALL your photos for the selected garden.
    Thay are arranged in Garden Divisions by Garden Araes, but your photos are shown in pages of thumbnails for easy access.

You can now use your own Videos as “Plant Photos” or Garden Photos.
This feature has been worked into GA694, GA605 and the new Web Projects program.

NEW:- Open another Database program - GA626.
Replaces GA026 the Switch Databases program in Version 5
Open any other Ideas Genie Pro 6 database.
You can also do a backup to Dropbox and use it on any computer with Ideas Genie Pro 6.

The upgrade procedure

  • Install from a download or from CD
  • Installs as a unique software item, it its own folders.
  • YOUR older version is unaffected
  • One simple program required to import and upgrade the data from the older version.
    This program is located under the System tab on the Menu
    The program is coded to know where your older data is located, so all you need to do is click a GO button

Upgrade history log
Version 1 - Ideas Genie first released in 2001
Version 2 - Ideas Genie (Version 2) released 3rd quarter 2003
Version 3 - Ideas Genie Pro - released May 06 - Read more
Version 4 - Ideas Genie Pro - released Jan 07 - Read more
Version 5 - Ideas Genie Pro 5 - released November 07 - Notes follow below
Version 5 - Ideas Genie 5 - released Jan 08
Version 6 - Ideas Genie Pro 6 - Released 1st May 2015

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